[caption id="attachment_1697" align="aligncenter" width="750"]As of October 10, Milestone XProtect Essential will be available free of charge as a download for everyone as a full-featured solution for basic surveillance supporting up to 8 cameras. As of October 10, Milestone XProtect Essential will be available free of charge as a download for everyone as a full-featured solution for basic surveillance supporting up to 8 cameras.[/caption]

XProtect® Essential – Now the best VMS on the market is FREE

What can Milestone XProtect Essential do?

All existing features of XProtect Essential are available in the free product.

  • Start your system small and grow big. Proven award-winning software that works with any camera.
  • Supports up to eight cameras at no cost so you can start with zero software investment.
  • With unlimited retention time you can rest assure video recordings are always there when you need them
  • An optional yearly subscription package includes support for additional cameras and access to the latest set of innovative capabilities so XProtect Essential can grow with you.
  • Find the video you need, when you need it. An interactive map helps you identify camera locations and navigate directly to live video.
  • Easily sort through hours of video by only examining sequences containing motion.
  • Locate a specific incident by quickly browsing through motion-based recordings in a specific area.
  • Easily document events and share video files with the built-in video player.
  • Password-protect video files to ensure only authorized users can access them.

The new free Essential comes with support for eight cameras free with the possibility to buy subscription packs to support up to 48 cameras. Customers who want to do even more can easily upgrade to a more advanced Milestone product.

Easily do more with yearly subscription packs

Customers that want to do more with their system can expand it by purchasing one or more of the new Essential subscription packs. A subscription pack includes:

  • Eight camera licenses
  • A 1-year Milestone Care Plus plan
  • Five subscription packs can be added to one software License code (SLC) resulting in a system supporting up to 48 cameras in total.
  • To ensure continuous system functionality, subscription packs need to be renewed annually.

Existing Essential customers FREE Upgrade to XProtect Express

From now until December 31, 2016, existing Essential customers with Care Plus can upgrade FREE to XProtect Express. Customers without Care Plus can upgrade for free to XProtect Express when buying three years of Care Plus at a 50% discount. Contact Encom for more information.

What’s new in XProtect Express 2016 R3

  • 25% price reduction: Alongside the initiative of making XProtect Essential free, Milestone have significantly reduced the price of XProtect Express by 25% to make it a competitive entry-level paid product.
  • XProtect Express continues to include all the same features and capabilities, such as single-layer map, support for third-party integrations and Milestone Interconnect.

No camera licenses included in base license: In order to simplify the license policy across the entire Milestone portfolio, the two camera licenses previously included in the base license will no longer be included.

Milestone Care Plus changes

With the price reduction, the following changes will be applied to the Care Plus policy;

  • Care Plus will be calculated on camera licenses sales only, not calculated on the base
  • 1-year Care Plus no longer included in the price of XProtect Express
  • Care Plus continues to be available as an optional 1-5 years offering