Network Audio Systems

Network Audio Systems

Network Audio Systems

Network audio solutions from Axis put the power of IP to work to help you proactively protect people and property on your premises. You can also use them to create a pleasant environment and optimize your operations.

New opportunities: 30 years ago, the advent of Axis network video systems transformed the way businesses protected their operations. Now, Axis network audio systems do the same for how businesses use audio. They bring the many benefits of IP to the world of audio and offer an array of features for improved audio. Use them to warn off intruders and thieves, provide instructions in an emergency, make announcements, and even play music.

Easy to install, maintain, scale, and more: You’ll find Axis network audio systems easy to install. They connect to the standard network so there’s no need for dedicated audio infrastructure – you can use one cable for both power and connectivity (Power over Ethernet). Each speaker is a complete audio solution including both hardware and software, so you’ll need much less equipment – and much less space – than you would with an analog system. Built-in, pre-calibrated digital signal processers alleviate the need for sound technicians and ensure clear interference-free sound. And, Axis network audio systems can be tested, maintained, and troubleshot remotely. They’re also easy to adapt and scale, and open standards facilitate integration with other systems.

Audio for security and safety: Network audio adds value to your video-based security system helping you proactively deter crime by responding immediately and intervening remotely with prerecorded or live messages. You can set up your system to trigger prerecorded messages in response to potential criminal activity or to notify an operator or guard to speak directly to a culprit. Either way, there’s a good chance you’ll send potential loiterers and potential offenders hurrying away. You can also use prerecorded or live messages to safely and reliably deliver crucial safety information and instructions regularly or in emergencies.

Audio for operational efficiency: Network audio is a great tool for improving communication and supporting your operations. You’ll be able to use a single system for paging, public address, ads, and background music for simplicity and cost-efficiency. And it’s perfect for delivering non-critical information such as reminders and instructions to groups of people or individuals in larger and/or multiple areas in targeted zones you set up yourself. You can mix live and prerecorded messages with background music and deliver scheduled or spontaneous messages. And you get all the flexibility and easy control you might want.

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Complete audio systems in a single unit for background music and announcements

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