Axis Audio Player

Axis Audio Player

Axis Audio Player

  • Play your music 24/7
  • Play recorded announcements
  • Schedule playlists with music and announcements

AXIS Audio Player is an audio application for playing background music and announcements in stores. It comes pre-installed on Axis network speakers and has everything you need to schedule playlists with music and announcements.

Play your music 24/7

Designed for 24/7-operation, AXIS Audio Player plays background music from offline or online sources. You can play your music from an SD card placed on one of the speakers in the speaker system, or from online streams. Make your own playlists on the speaker and listen to the beats of your choice all day long!

Play recorded announcements

You can use AXIS Audio Player to play recorded announcements. Inform your customers about opening hours, or share your latest campaign.

Schedule music and announcements

AXIS Audio Player helps you schedule playlists throughout the week with handpicked music and announcements. Support store campaigns and treat your customers to that special vibe that boosts your brand.

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