KCR Industrial Estate

KCR Industrial Estate

KCR Industrial Estate

KCR industrial estate is a busy centrally located business centre with 50-60 resident business located in Dublin.

Customer requirement from IP Surveillance solution

The client required the Industrial Estate to be monitored with security in the car park and public areas both day and night. They wanted to cut back on the costs associated with manned security and have the site monitored remotely from 12.00am each night.

System used

  • A Milestone Professional operating system was implemented with 15 high resolution 3 Megapixel Axis and Mobotix cameras installed across the site, maximising image quality and coverage for external areas. This also included a remote video and audio link to the site.
  • Paxton Access Control system was used to fully automate the gate, with an intercom allowing for an external remote monitoring company to take over access control at night.
  • A sophisticated Mobotix analytics system was implemented to produce alerts based on specifically defined activity on site.


  • The Encom IP surveillance solution provides a local video surveillance solution with high quality camera footage and easy to use Milestone software to improve the daytime monitoring of the site.
  • A remote video and audio link to the site allows a remote monitoring company to take over the security each night from 12AM to 7AM, weekends and Bank Holidays. They use live video and audio links to access incidents and warn off intruders where necessary.
  • The gate automation and monitored intercom allow the remote monitoring company to manage and control access to the site out of hours.