Kildare County Council

Kildare County Council

Kildare County Council

Kildare County Council is the authority responsible for local government in County Kildare, Ireland.

Customer requirement from IP Surveillance solution

The client wanted to monitor and record illegal activities such as dumping which was taking place in remote locations. They required a surveillance system that was flexible, that was easy to set up and that could be moved easily after recording activities. The system needed to be set up in any remote location and not require fixed power or wired network links. Security footage needed to be available over 3G and Wi-Fi and incidents downloaded to a DVD or laptop.

System used

  • A bespoke Dual-Lens 3 Megapixel Camera System was implemented providing a high quality overview image and a close up image for fine detail such as registration numbers.
  • The system provided Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and provided mains and battery power supply options.
  • A covert camouflaged outdoor ready housing was provided that was flexible and easy to install and relocate.


  • The IP surveillance solution provided by Encom allows for quick easy deployment of the surveillance camera system in remote locations.
  • Power supply or wired networks are not needed so the camera could be relocated easily.
  • High quality security footage is available over 3G and Wi-Fi and recorded onto a laptop.