Samsung E-Boards

Samsung E-Boards

Samsung E-Boards

Benefits of the
Samsung E-Board

  • Best touch technology with fastest touch speed response.
  • Take notes on media files, save and share the files.
  • Image and Video Capture to share and store material.
  • Smooth writing experience, various pen styles and colors.
  • Supports a variety of media, inc. Microsoft Powerpoint, Flash.
Improve your presentations and increase creativity and collaboration

Transform the way you and your team present and collaborate. The Samsung E-board is opening up new possibilities for those working in teams, making sharing more intuitive, inclusive and dynamic than ever before. This seamless presentation platform flawlessly integrates five key features:

  • A large format display with ten touch-point overlay meaning multiple users at one time.
  • Familiar and easy to use Android OS with Optional Play Store app. Imagine your favourite app at 65", 75" or 82".
  • A range of wireless connectivity options for any Windows, Android or IOS device.
  • Wifi connect up to four Windows or Mac PC's at a time through the available software and drag and drop content to the screen effortlessly sharing only what you want.
  • MagicIWB easy to use software package allows for flawless content integration and one click email screen grab to group.

Academic Applications:

Recognizing the ever-increasing role technology plays in student life, even the most traditional educational institutions are exploring new ways to produce more engaged, informed, and technologically-proficient students.

A Small high school has opened in a disadvantaged neighborhood and administrators have equipped the classrooms with Samsung’s cutting-edge IWB system. With it, teachers are able to plan creative, exciting lessons that engage their students, pushing them to try harder and do more. MagicIMS’s advanced classroom management functions mean that teachers can focus on delivering lesson content rather than policing how students are using their personal devices.

A university in a major metropolitan area has experienced sagging enrollment numbers recently due to competition from other local universities, so the administration allocates funds to become a state-of-the-art digital campus by installing Samsung IWB technology in many of the academic buildings. The university receives a bump in enrollment because of the positive response the school received from students, parents and the press.

Business Applications:

Success in the business world is dependent on mobilizing an informed, productive and creative workforce. MagicIWB fosters a collaborative business environment, while simultaneously facilitating the clear communication of complex information.

A small social media startup is looking for a way to increase creativity and collaboration within its workforce, so they install a Samsung IWB display in their conference room. With the interactive display, the team can share ideas and exchange information in real-time, allowing them to come up with better ideas faster. With the interactive display, the team can share ideas and exchange information.

A multinational corporation is launching a new product line and it needs to educate its large sales force as quickly as possible. Using MagicIWB software solutions, the R&D department is able to conduct intensive seminars with full-media integration and built in quizzes to guarantee that the sales personnel are getting the most out of their lectures. Conduct intensive seminars with full-media integration and built in quizzes to guarantee that the sales personnel are getting the most out of their lectures.

Features Benefits
Optical touch (the best touch technology among current large screen touch technologies) Offers the fastest touch speed response
Samsung advanced IWB pen technology, with various pen styles and of colors Provides a smooth writing experience, as if the user is writing with a pen on a notebook
  • Support for Microsoft PowerPoint, images, video and Adobe Flash for educational usage
  • Ability for teachers and students to write or take notes on media files and save or share the files with the notes
Supports efficient education through a variety of media
Powerful stereo speakers embedded in the e-board
  • Captures and holds students’ attention through sound effects
  • Eliminates the need to purchase additional speakers
  • Image Capture
  • Video Capture
Provides course material sharing and storage capabilities
A simple user interface (UI) Offers ease of use that is optimized for touch

The Benefits and Advantage of the Samsung E-Board for Education and Business

  • Reduced total cost of operation: Compared to a typical projector system, Samsung MagicIWB saves an average of 30% during the first four years of ownership. Professional-grade projectors require frequent and expensive maintenance, including lamp and filter replacement after approximately 2,000 hours of operation. Samsung’s LCD screens, on the other hand, require minimal maintenance and are rated to function for at least 100,000 hours. This superior dependability translates to a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.
  • Vivid presentation: When viewed on one of Samsung’s 65-inch or 75-inch LED interactive whiteboard (IWB) displays, MagicIWB allows presenters to capitalize on the full impact of visual media, including PowerPoint presentations, images, videos and Flash animation.
  • Two-way interactivity: MagicIWB breaks down the boundary between the active presenter and the passive viewer, allowing information to be easily shared back and forth. In a corporate seminar, a website on the IWB can be sent to the audience’s client devices. Just as easily, in a classroom environment, a file stored on a student’s personal laptop can be transferred to the IWB. This two-way interactivity also allows presenters and teachers to get instantaneous feedback by using the MagicIWB system to conduct polls or quizzes, the results of which can then be displayed on the board in real time.
  • Flexible digital content: Video Capture and Image Capture features facilitate the sharing and storing of presentations or class content. Magnifier and Spotlight features enable part of the screen to be highlighted, magnified or resized. The File Viewer feature can be used to read documents created on the interactive whiteboard and to preview tasks currently being performed on the screen.
  • Reduced classroom distractions: MagicIWB dramatically reduces classroom distractions by allowing teachers to monitor and control the students’ client devices. With this system, teachers can choose to display a particular student’s screen, block unnecessary or off-topic applications and turn student’s personal devices on or off.

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