AXIS Camera Station

AXIS Camera Station

All-in-one video and access control management system

  • Validated end-to-end solution
  • One seamless, unified interface
  • Ease-of-use and intuitive handling
  • Designed with cybersecurity in mind
  • First-class Axis support

From retail stores to schools and commercial buildings, AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry puts efficient video surveillance and access control at your fingertips. With one, user-friendly interface, it ensures trouble-free management of your security system.

Seamless and unified

Preloaded on Axis recorders and available as stand-alone licenses, AXIS Camera Station now includes access control management as part of its seamless, user-friendly interface. From retail stores to schools and commercial buildings, this validated end-to-end solution allows for trouble-free management of a single site. It offers operators a complete overview of everything that’s happening. For instance, you can visually identify your visitors or get automatic alerts in case of incidents. And, with everything in one system, the same operator can monitor the video and the access control.

Simple and convenient

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry offers efficient video surveillance and access control. With a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to add or remove users with drag and drop operation. You can set up access rules based on specific criteria such as cardholder, location, and schedule. This makes it easy to control who has access to what and when. Designed to work with AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller and Axis card readers, this scalable solution can manage up to 128 doors per server and up to 10,000 cardholders with support for multiple credentials.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry is included in all AXIS Camera Station licenses, and one license is needed for each door controller. Customers can benefit from a broad portfolio of network cameras, intercoms, and audio devices– all from one, trusted supplier. And, with Axis as the single point of contact, you can feel confident that any problems that may arise will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced security

This efficient solution doesn’t just let you identify and control who enters your premises, it connects to your system just like any other surveillance solution and can record everything that’s happening outside your door. It includes features to support the operator such as to monitor and control door access, or search and filter access control logs linked with video recording. It’s also possible to trigger video, alerts, and actions for instance when a visitor is approaching. And, you can easily generate reports with video evidence. Furthermore, this highly secure and reliable solution is designed with cybersecurity in mind and provides encrypted communication so you can be sure your data is protected.

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