Entry Manager

Entry Manager

Easy access management powered by IP

  • For small to medium-size systems
  • Control who enters where and when
  • Intuitive interface

AXIS Entry Manager is a software solution developed specifically for access control for small to mid-sized businesses. It comes pre-installed on AXIS A1001 Network Controllers. AXIS Entry Manager is a web-based software which is used for installation, configuration and administration of credentials. Being a fully distributed solution, all data is stored in the controllers and the system can be managed from any computer on the network.

The perfect software for systems with basic needs

AXIS Entry Manager software has all the functionality you need to manage a smaller access control system. It controls who is allowed to enter or exit through which doors, at which times, and with the identification type of your choice – such as pincode, card, mobile phone, license plate recognition, fingerprint, face recognition and more. It also logs every entrance, and it triggers an alarm if a door is used improperly – for example if it’s forced or propped open.

Even if your system is small you may still need a wide range of functionality. This is why AXIS Entry Manager has been designed to support the most common functionality and features used in companies’ daily business.  For example AXIS Entry Manager supports integration for elevator control with floor management, HID Mobile Access, Aperio and Simons Voss wireless locks.

Intuitive user interface

AXIS Entry Manager features a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to add or remove users: an easy drag and drop operation is all it takes to assign access rights. It also ease the installation of AXIS A1001 using hardware wizards, verification tools and pin charts.

Flexible to meet changing needs

The PoE supported controller is placed at each door and up to 33 controllers can be connected to the system.

You can start with as little as one AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller and add additional door controllers as needed.  You can also choose to switch AXIS Entry Manager to access control software from a partner with additional functionality if your needs change at a later time.

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 Axis Data Sheet Axis Entry Manager Data Sheet