Paxton Access

Paxton Access

Paxton Access

With Paxton Access Control you will never have to change a lock again or look for lost, missing or duplicate keys. When an access control system is installed all doors will automatically lock when the door is closed, or the system can be set to unlock for a specific time frame.

Low, medium and high security solutions are available and Standalone or PC based systems are available to meet your individual requirements. Encom offer solutions from a single access point (door, gate barrier, bollard) to an advanced PC based Access Control solutions allowing you to manage hundreds of doors and up to 50,000 people with software that allows full control of the system from your desk.

Paxton PC Based Access Control

PC Based Access Control

A PC based access control solution allows you to control who has access to your building. It can control any site or building, from just one door up to hundreds of doors, with thousands of users...
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Paxton Standalone Access Control

Standalone Access Control

Standalone Access Control Solutions have all of the electronic controls in the keypad or reader. Standalone systems offer both low and medium-high security solutions...
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