Paxton Net2 Plus/Nano

Paxton Net2 Plus/Nano

Paxton Net2 Plus/Nano

Net2 is a networked access control system. A networked system gives the advantages of central control, event reporting and flexible control over users' access. Each control unit is part of a network but can run independently making its own decisions and remembering events.

Paxton Net2 Plus Controllers

The Net2 plus control unit connects to the central administration PC over the Ethernet. This greatly increases the flexibility of installation options on sites that have LAN/WAN networks. The Net2 plus control unit also has a RS485 connection and can be connected to other Net2 plus control units.

  • Single door networkable access control unit
  • Plug into a TCP/IP network using a standard RJ45 plug

Paxton Net2 Nano Controllers

The Net2 nano control unit connects to the central administration PC using secure wireless technology. Net2 nano control units can be mixed with Net2 plus control units and can be added to existing Net2 installations. This will be particularly useful where wiring would prove difficult.

  • Uses data encrypted wireless technology
  • No wiring needed between the control unit and PC

Integration between Net2 and the door entry system.

When using a Net2 Entry IP intercom system alongside Net2, all user related intercom events are now recorded in the Net2 database. For example, when a call is made, if it’s answered, if the door is unlocked and via which monitor. This is a major step as traditionally intercoms have been standalone.

Integration between Net2 and a Multi Zone Intruder Panel

Large site may have separate areas / partitions secured by intruder panel. Net 2 can integrate with the Alarm panel allowing users the flexibility through their fob or card to access specific areas and / or to separately arm or disarm the intruder alarm in certain areas.