Architecture & Engineering Program

Architecture & Engineering Program

Axis Communications and Milestone Systems offer A & E programs for network architects and engineers to assist them in designing and specifying network security cameras and software for individual projects. The program provides advanced training, design specifications and updated product information online. There is no obligation and participation is free of charge. To learn more about the A&E Program or book a seminar, please email Encom

Axis’ A & E Program

Joining the Axis A&E Program is easy and commitment-free. As a member, you have full access to specifications, drawings, tools and more - just a click away! Click on the icons to find sample specifications, drawings and visio diagrams.

  • A&E specifications
  • Axis Camera Families for Autodesk® Revit®
  • AXIS Design Tool
  • Axis Coverage Shapes for Microsoft® Visio®
  • CAD drawings and Visio stencils
  • Product loan

The Axis A&E Program is open to qualified* independent network architects, engineers, consultants and end users who design and specify IP-based security systems. There are no obligations and participation is free of charge.

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Milestones' A & E Program

The Milestone A&E program provides you with valuable support tools for project design to help you meet customer needs. Click on the icons to find sample specifications, calculators, drawings and visio diagrams.

  • A&E specifications
  • Design tools including server estimator and storage/lens calculator
  • Unbranded Visio system drawings and icons
  • USB flash drive ensures you always have access to the latest documentation
  • Product training at a reduced price: BICSI®-accredited Milestone Advanced Certification
  • One-year test license allowing for familiarization with Milestone’s products and product features
  • Devoted support from Milestone presales and the A&E program team

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For 2D drawings using Axis Camera Coverage Shapes and Microsoft Visio you can demonstrate the coverage area of any camera and adjust the pixel density for 'Recognition' or 'Detection'. Take a look at this short video to understand this tool better.

Axis Camera Extensions for 3D Drawings in SketchUp and Revit give a clear visual demonstration of each camera's coverage potential. Watch the video to see the advantagesl of these tools.