Electronic Image Stabilization

Electronic Image Stabilization

Electronic Image Stabilization:

Cameras with Electronic Image Stabilization effectively minimize effects from vibration and shaking.

A surveillance camera mounted in an exposed location such as on a high pole or a street sign near a busy road, can be shaken by winds or passing traffic, which will blur the video.

In these situations, Electronic image stabilization, a feature in Axis network cameras which greatly improves video quality in situations where a camera is subject to vibrations, provides smooth and comfortable live viewing.

Axis’ Electronic image stabilization is designed to cover a wide range of frequencies, as well as coping with high and low amplitudes, provides clear images - even in scenes with lots of motion. With Electronic image stabilization activated, the vibrating effect in video is reduced and thus providing a smoother and steadier image - even on windy days when vibrations otherwise would have affected the video quality.

In addition to getting a more useful video, image stabilization also improves camera operability, allows for more flexible installation and reduces the file size, as well as bandwidth and storage use.

Electronic Image Stabilization - improving camera usability