Some cameras in the following series have OptimizedIR. Check the individual cameras for specific details.

Axis’ OptimizedIR technology is based on new, smart, power-efficient and patented LED technology. It is designed for easy, cost-efficient and environmental friendly installation. It results in high-quality, low-noise video, even when the environment is completely dark.

A too narrowly illuminated area will produce ‘white out or glare’ in the middle of the scene, and some areas will not be correctly illuminated.

On the other hand, a too widely illuminated area means that light will shine on objects outside the area of interest, and also that the viewing distance will be reduced. Depending on camera model, the IR illumination with OptimizedIR can reach over 40 m (131 ft.) with low, environmental-friendly power consumption, supplied by standard Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af).

When the field of view is adjusted at the installation of an Axis camera with remote zoom and OptmizedIR, the angle of illumination automatically adapts to the zoom level. The illumination angle follows the camera’s zoom movements to always provide the maximum amount of light in the image.

Another adaptation performed by Axis’ OptimizedIR technology is visible when the subject is far away from the camera and the whole area is illuminated. When the subject is approaching the camera, the exposure is adapting. When the subject is by the camera, it is illuminated and not overexposed.

OptimizedIR technology

Images above show how the exposure adapts in Axis cameras with OptimizedIR when a subject is approaching the camera.

OptimizedIR - Leveraging new, smart and long-life LED technology