Multi-lens Cameras

Multi-lens Cameras

Multi-lens Cameras

Encom are innovators in IP surveillance, offering standard or bespoke designed IP megapixel systems, delivering unparalleled day /night picture quality in standard or covert camouflaged housing.
The images above show our custom designed example which uses dual IP megapixel lenses giving you an overview lens covering the site and a lens for the registration number of all the vehicles entering or leaving the site.

CCTV Systems:

  • Single or Dual Megapixel Lenses
  • PanTilt Zoom with HDTV options
  • Analogue camera integration
  • Audio recording & speaker option
  • Video motion, PIR, relay recording trigger
  • Lighting: LED, IR and IR covert options
  • Covert camouflaged systems available

Recording to:

  • Solid state devices. NAS, Server.
  • Signal transmission
  • Cable, Fibre, Wireless or 3G


  • Temporary sites: Battery
  • Permanent sites: Mains, Battery, Solar

What’s CCTV without picture quality? Analogue cameras are at best 0.4 megapixel – zoom in and the picture break’s up. Look at the CCTV footage above and you’ll understand the benefits of Encom’s IP megapixel systems. If you have remote locations or sites that require short term surveilance call us today.