Wireless IP-Surveillance

Wireless IP-Surveillance

Wireless IP-Surveillance

The advantages of Wireless IP Surveillance

  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • No video recording equipment or on-site storage necessary.
  • No expensive cabling is required.
  • Flexibility as cameras can be placed anywhere and moved easily.
  • Additional cameras can be added or removed.
  • The system can scale up to suit any property or business.
  • It is a totally digital system.
  • It is most secure with passwords, encryption, omni-directional transmission and data coding.

Wireless IP-Surveillance or point-to-multipoint wireless technology has great potential for bespoke security solutions. It is affordable and easily to set up and is an ideal solution when large areas need to be covered and installing wire is difficult and expensive.

Point-to-multipoint wireless technology offers an ideal solution for property managers where security footage can be accessed from secure servers and no security storage facilities or recording equipment is required at the property.

How does point-to-multipoint wireless technology work for security?

Cameras at various locations are connected to wireless bridges units which send the data back to a wireless Base Station Unit. This unit can be located at an organization’s security centre or a high-performance point-to-point solutions can be used to connect to a remote server up to 40 miles away. The high-resolution video collected from all locations can be viewed in real-time or can be accessed easily and downloaded at a later point.

Is point-to-multipoint wireless technology expensive?

A Wireless security option can be a very cost effective option for many small projects. If video recording or storage equipment is not required at the site then security footage can be stored on Encom secure servers. There is no requirement to build a special secure storage room or no need for NVRs. Installation costs can be further reduced by eliminating the need for long cable runs across large stretches of rough ground or water.

Is point-to-multipoint wireless technology secure?

In combination with an organisation’s firewall, Axis’ IP-Surveillance Camera technology allows security to be tightly maintained using internal password-protected security settings. Wireless bridges also incorporate a number of measures including password protection and transmission encryption ensuring unique transmission signals and ‘line of site’ transmissions ensure only antennas firmly in the radio frequency target area can receive the data.