Milestone Integration

Milestone Integration

Milestone Integration

Seamless integration between your CCTV and Access Control is essential. Milestone Systems offer a true open platform software with the ability to integrate with today’s best analytics and business solutions. Using these advanced software solutions and quality Access Control products from Paxton and Salto, Encom provide a sophisticated and reliable integrated solution for your CCTV and Access Control.

Milestone-Paxton integration enables you to:

  • Open and close doors while simultaneous viewing footage of the doors.
  • Capture critical events from the Paxton Net2 server and register them as alarms in the Milestone XProtect Smart Client.
  • Automatically link alarms to relevant footage that can then be used to start or stop recording, change video frame rate or move the camera to focus on a door.

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Milestone-Salto (Amber Systems) enables you to:

  • Integrate SALTO Systems directly into Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.
  • Allows the user to control access and monitor video surveillance from one unified interface, eliminating the need to run two separate applications.
  • The Amber System enables the user to open doors while simultaneously viewing video footage of the doors.

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