Network Cameras

Network Cameras

Encom partner with Axis to provide a wide range of security cameras. From simple and discreet fixed cameras to the most advanced cameras with the latest Axis Technologies , you will find something to suit your security solution among the list of cameras below.

Understanding Axis Naming Convention

Network Video Surveillance Solutions

Panoramic Cameras

For complete situational awareness with just one camera

PTZ Cameras

Pan, tilt and zoom capabilities for wide area coverage

Fixed Dome Cameras

For discreet surveillance in any environment

Fixed Bullet Cameras

For all-purpose surveillance around the clock

Fixed Box Cameras

For deterrence in any environment

Positioning cameras

For completely unobstructed views in every direction

Thermal cameras

Reliable detection - 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Onboard cameras

Surveillance on the move

Modular Cameras

Flexible installation for highly discreet surveillance anywhere

Explosion-protected cameras

Flexible installation for highly discreet surveillance anywhere


Impact-resistant anti-ligature camera