Mobotix Cameras

Mobotix Cameras

Mobotix Cameras

MOBOTIX has been producing megapixel cameras for many years and is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolution video systems.

Why High-Resolution Systems? The higher the resolution, the more accurate the detail in the image. With analog technology, a recorded image generally has no more than 0.1 megapixels (CIF). One single MOBOTIX camera with 5 megapixels records around 50 times more detail. As a result, larger image areas with up to 360° allround views are possible, thus reducing the number of cameras, and therefore the costs. For example, four lanes of a gas station can be recorded with one MOBOTIX camera instead of four conventional cameras.


The compact S15D FlexMount is a universally deployable, easy concealable video system with a highly detailed resolution of up to ten megapixels. The fully weatherproof IP camera has two miniature...
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The weatherproof, robust MOBOTIX dual camera features interchangeable sensor modules and the latest MOBOTIX system technology. It is unique in terms of performance, functionality and design...
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An elegant, ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera with 360° allround view to capture an entire room, a panorama function and a quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously...
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