Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

Increase store safety, efficiency and profitability: With a retail solution tailored to your business you can ensure that your store technology can minimize loss and protect people and assets.

Find opportunities to increase revenues and enhance customer experiences in real time. Join the thousands of retailers around the world addressing these challenges with today’s intelligent solutions for video surveillance, physical access control and audio systems.

Find out below how can you get more out of your store and gain benefits from intelligent store technology for loss prevention, store optimisation and safety and security.

Loss prevention

Reduce shrinkage and keep control of your premises: Shrinkage caused by employee theft, point-of-sale fraud, shoplifting, theft and supplier fraud is both costly and preventable. Network video cameras with embedded analytics... Read more

Store optimization

Maximize in-store performance: Get better customer behaviour and store activity insight – focus on customer engagement, sales and service by efficiently monitoring in-store queues, re-allocating your staff in real time and... Read more

Safety & security

Improve safety and security: A network video solution will make your store less attractive for break-ins and robberies. You benefit from a safer work environment and reduced costs. And with an access control solution, keep track... Read more


Encom Case Study: Automotive Servicing
Tractamotors Ltd, Cavan

Customer requirement: To transition the site to a digital surveillance system, Tractamotors wanted a featurerich security solution that maximised image quality and coverage for external areas and helped reduce stock loss in the DIY hardware shop. .... Read More