Loss prevention

Loss prevention

Losses in retail operations amount to millions every day. The two main causes are employees, who believe their frauds are difficult to detect, and customers or intruders committing either planned or spontaneous crimes.

Combining network cameras optimized for retail environments with embedded video analytics, integrated with leading loss prevention technology you can analyze and record events from the parking lot to the POS. This will deterr and detect criminal acts by employees as well as visitors. From impulse shoplifting to organized crime, from opportunistic slip-and-fall scam to sustained POS/cashier fraud, network video provides the quality of evidence you need to root out these problems from your store.

When you want to keep people – the right people – walking in, and stop goods walking out, network video offers cost-effective control.

  • Take action on suspicious behavior
  • Prevent and detect shoplifting and theft
  • Get better control over internal shrink
  • Improve investigation time
  • Provide a safer customer and employee environment

Integration with leading retail technology

Our open network video system integrates with additional technologies such as your EAS system to ensure complete, high-quality video coverage of all EAS incidents. When integrating an Axis network video solution with your POS system, you can easily identify and review suspect transactions with video evidence.

Axis network cameras

High quality, reliable and cost-effective cameras with a combination of features and technology appropriate for retail environments. Contact Encom to find the right camera for your needs.