Safety and security

Safety and security

Improve safety and security

  • A network video solution offers a wide range of possibilities to make your store less attractive for break-ins and robberies. As a result, you benefit from a safer work environment and reduced costs.
  • With an access control solution you can also easily keep track of who has access and is coming in and out of your store.
  • AXIS Network Video Door Station gives efficient entrance control and visitor verification, for instance at the loading dock.

Ensure staff security and protect your assets

Reliable protection is not only important during lonely nights at a gas station or a 24-hour convenience store. It is as relevant in stores with large amounts of cash, high-value products or high-risk products, such as medicine and alcohol.

  • With Axis network video, extra cameras are easily added to specific product sections or check-out areas. It also allows for remote storage of video images, ensuring that recordings are protected from intruders.
  • High-quality video is a great help when investigating crime. It is usable for police identification purposes and can be viewed hundreds of times without losing quality. Overall, it saves valuable time when it comes to proving that a crime has been committed.