Salto's wireless locking systems provide built-to-rent properties with secure, flexible, and convenient access control solutions that cater to the specific needs of property managers and tenants in these rental environments.

  1. Seamless Move-In/Move-Out Process:With Salto's wireless locking systems, property managers can easily manage access for new tenants. They can generate digital keys or access credentials remotely and provide them to tenants before they move in. This streamlines the move-in process and eliminates the need for physical key handovers.
  2. Enhanced Security: Salto's advanced access control features provide a high level of security for built-to-rent properties. Property managers can quickly revoke access to a unit when a tenant moves out, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter the premises. Additionally, the audit trail feature helps monitor and track access events, enhancing security and accountability.
  3. Flexible Access Permissions: Salto's wireless locking systems allow property managers to assign different access permissions for various areas within the property. For example, residents may have access to common areas, such as gyms or lounges, while being restricted from other areas, such as utility rooms or maintenance areas. This flexibility ensures that tenants have appropriate access while maintaining security in restricted areas.
  4. Remote Management and Monitoring:Property managers can remotely manage and monitor the access control system for the entire built-to-rent property. This includes adding or removing tenants, updating access permissions, and tracking access events from a centralized platform. Remote management capabilities save time and effort for property managers while enabling efficient control over the property's access points.
  5. Tenant Convenience:Salto's mobile access solutions offer convenience to tenants by eliminating the need for physical keys or access cards. Tenants can use their smartphones as virtual keys, allowing for easy entry and minimizing the risk of lost or forgotten keys.