Encom are partnered with the global leaders in Enterprise Electronic Security, AMAG, Milestone, Gallagher, LenelS2, Axis Communications, Salto, TLJ to name a few. The expertise that Encom have acquired working with the top tier security providers is a key factor in our success and we continue to enhance our knowledge to provide our customers with the most effective and reliable solutions to their security needs.

 Data Centre: Equinix, Dublin
Data Centre: Equinix, Dublin
Customer requirement: Implementation of a security video system running Milestone Corporate VMS (Video Management Software) and a fully integrated access control system incorporating biometrics and perimeter protection.
Shopping Industry Kildare Village
Shopping Industry Kildare Village
Customer requirement: Encom provides installation and maintenance of security infrastructure to Value Retail’s Kildare Village complex consisting of high quality, monitored CCTV system, Intruder alarm, and integrated access control.
Radio/Television Services RTÉ, Dublin
Customer requirement: RTE required to monitor and secure people and property within a large recently restructured site complex comprising multiple buildings and entry exit points. Encom have supplied a range of high end megapixel PTZ cameras (Q6155-E) from Axis to monitor all key locations on the site, capture number plates and general activity.
Telecoms Services Digiweb, Dublin
Customer requirement: Digiweb required a secure environment for a high traffic data centre both internally and externally. Encom implemented a CCTV system based on multiple Axis IP megapixel cameras being managed by a Milestone VMS back end. This provided the quality of image and flexibility / ease of use demanded by the client.
Global Network Cable Operator: Hibernia Atlantic, Dublin
Customer requirement: Hibernia required a centrally managed IP based network security system to integrate security and access control for 20 diverse sites around the world. Milestone VMS was used.
Automotive Servicing: Tractamotors Ltd, Cavan
Customer requirement: To transition the site to a digital surveillance system, Tractamotors wanted a featurerich security solution that maximised image quality and coverage for external areas and helped reduce stock loss in the DIY hardware shop.
Industrial Property: KCR Industrial Estate, Dublin
Customer requirement: To monitor an Industrial Estate with 50 – 60 resident businesses, and have security in car park and public areas day and night. The customer wanted to cut back on the costs associated with manned security and opted for a solution where the manned security.
Local Authority: Kildare County Council
Customer requirement: To monitor and record illegal activities such as dumping and to place the camera systems in a remote location in the minimum amount of time and to leave it recording for a period of time.
Hospitality Industry Stay City/Liv Student, Dublin
Customer requirement: Encom has provided security infrastructure and maintenance to recent builds within the hospitality sector specialising in Student Accommodation and Hotels.
Airport Industry Shannon Airport
Customer requirement: Encom has provided security infrastructure and maintenance to Shannon Airport.