Dedrone's solution for critical infrastructure involves a multi-layered approach to drone detection and mitigation. They typically employ a combination of sensors, including radar, radio frequency (RF) scanners, and cameras, to detect and classify drones in real time. These sensors can identify the presence of drones, collect information about their flight patterns, and determine their size, speed, and direction.

Once a potential threat is detected, Dedrone's system can alert security personnel or an integrated security management system, allowing for a rapid response. Depending on the specific infrastructure and its security protocols, the response can vary from tracking the drone's flight path to physically disabling or intercepting the drone.

It's important to note that Dedrone's technology focuses on detecting and mitigating unauthorized drone activity. It does not directly interact with the infrastructure itself. Dedrone's system provides critical information to security teams, allowing them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to protect the infrastructure

Overall, Dedrone's solution for critical infrastructure aims to enhance situational awareness, improve security response capabilities, and safeguard vital facilities against potential drone threats. By providing early detection and response measures, Dedrone helps mitigate the risks associated with drone intrusions and ensures the continued safety and functioning of critical infrastructure.