Tractamotors Ltd.

Tractamotors Ltd.

Tractamotors operates an automotive servicing business and DIY hardware shop in Cavan town

Customer requirement from IP Surveillance solution:

To transition the site to a digital surveillance system, Tractamotors wanted a featurerich security solution that maximised image quality and coverage for external areas and helped reduce stock loss in the DIY hardware shop.

System used

  • 48 Axis network cameras were installed across the site, as well as a Milestone Professional operating system for fast and efficient location of footage.
  • To reduce cost, Tractamotor’s legacy analogue cameras were incorporated into the overall solution via an Axis video server.
  • All entrances, exits and high-traffic areas are effectively monitored 24/7, which can be accessed remotely via PC, Mac and mobile devices.


  • Coverage across the site was increased by 70 per cent.
  • Stock loss in the retail arm of the business has been reduced by 60 per cent since the new system was installed.
  • The solution developed for Tractormotors by Encom has proved so successful that further improvements are now being considered, including an upgrade to the EPoS system in the retail hardware outlet that would allow for further integration with cameras covering key points of sale.
  • The installation of additional wireless, mobile cameras are also being investigated to make the system even more flexible and provide extra surveillance coverage for temporary promotion areas.